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Seawolf is an all stainless steel USB pendrive that can be used

  • As a regular USB drive to store your data.
  • As an Ubuntu Linux live USB with data persistence. A complete office suite on Seawolf  combined with the built in ability to store your data across power cycles (data persistence) enables you to work with important documents using just about any computer with a regular USB slot anywhere. Its like carrying a computer in your pocket or key chain! No need to worry about minor drops or dings as Seawolf is made of stainless steel and is more durable than regular USB drives of plastic construction.
  • For software students and professionals, Seawolf gives you the ability to write, compile, run, test and save your programs – in effect, the SDLC.
  • As a source to install Ubuntu Linux (Ubuntu 14.04 LTS “Trusty Tahr”) onto computers (IBM / PC compatible Windows and Linux systems) with 32-bit or 64-bit architectures.
  • As a “rescue disk”. If, for whatever reason, your regular PC crashes or is unstable, an experienced user can probe for and even rectify defects with the vast array of tools that Seawolf puts at your disposal.
  • Gain access to your Window’s (or Linux) Hard Disk(s)! You can work on those files as well, creating, editing, saving them on your system’s disk(s). “Regular” work does not stop when you’re in the Seawolf Live USB environment.
  • Additionally if you are attending any of the kaiwanTECH corporate training courses or kaiwanTECH workshops and have opted to include Seawolf as part of your training package, all relevant training material (including sample source code!) will be present on Seawolf.
  • Attention HR managers / IT training managers! In addition to the above, each Seawolf has all the required files for setting up the labs at the training venue (specific to kaiwanTECH corporate training / workshops). It thus obviates the need for prior software lab setup.
  • Stuff we haven’t even thought of yet! :-)
    Tell us how you’ve used it; we’ll publish the same on our website with your name.


Seawolf is competitively priced at just INR 1,999/- (Rupees One thousand Nine hundred and Ninety Nine only) per piece.
Please hurry. This offer price is for a limited period only!!

(Note that Shipping charges are extra. We currently ship only within India).


Link to the
Seawolf e-brochure.

Link to the
Seawolf Quick Start Guide.

Link to the
Seawolf User manual.

Note: To view the Seawolf e-brochure, Quick Start Guide or User Manual, you would need Adobe Reader installed and functional on your system. Please click here to download Adobe PDF Reader from Adobe website (opens in another window).