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Linux Resources

Over the years, we have picked up several Linux “gems”. The sub sections of this menu provide a non exhaustive set of links to them. These are updated periodically. Do check back often!

Technical Linux Books
 Instead of just mentioning the names of a few books and leaving it at that, the system we’ve used is simple, in a word: amazon! Yup, we’ve put up a few lists of recommended books (on various specified domains) on the always amazing Amazon website, specifically on it’s Listmania! resource. Some immediate advantages with this approach is that you get to read useful reviews on these books, cross-link to related books and, of course, buy them, if you’re so inclined.So, head on over there from the button and enjoy. 
Our principal, Kaiwan’s, Tech! blog has (we feel), many useful resources, especially targeted at Linux systems and kernel/driver developers. A sampling, and the blog itself:
Linux Kernel Online Resources Collection
 Kaiwan’s Tech Blog